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Clean and Clear - Get Your Face Out There

In a global first, our 'Get Your Face Out There' campaign for Clean & Clear puts teen girls' love of customisation right at its heart, by allowing them to personalise their Winks on MSN Instant Messenger.

Girls arriving at can select one of 10 characters, such as 'Angel', 'You Rock' and, 'Whatever', upload their photo to the site and then place their face onto that character's body to create their own personalised, animated 'Wink'. Teen girls can then share the winks they have created with friends via MSN Instant Messenger.

As well as this great personalisation tool, we developed a downloadable theme pack that comprises different wallpapers and emoticons for the IM conversation window.

Two sets of online ads have also been created to promote the site and the new personalised winks concept, and the other to drive download of the theme pack.

Clean and Clear - Get Your Face Out There

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