VW Touran - David Beckham Academy

Volkswagen Touran - David Beckham Academy

We took David Beckham, the world's most famous footballer and created his first ever video game appearance, utilising his star power to drive our viral project for Volkswagen Touran.

Pulled in via rich media ads, the state-of-the art gaming experience was then distributed via kids challenging each other and spreading the word in classrooms worldwide. Successful players then interacted further, not only printing out a branded Beckham poster for their home, but more importantly, by getting their parents to register them for the competition (learning a few things about Touran on the way, of course!)

The games are simple, but challenging, appealing to 7-11 year olds, while the sharp design and cutting edge technology is aimed at capturing an older more cynical and tech-savvy market of teens.

VW Touran - David Beckham Academy