A Life More Streamlined

A Life More Streamlined

For the launch of Volkswagen's new Passat CC, we developed a whole new content channel to get drivers used to 'A Life More Streamlined'.

Shunning the norms of product microsites, this content hub on TimesOnline.co.uk doesn't feature auto features but instead allows visitors to explore the essential benefits of streamlining, as it applies to everything in their lives.

Focusing on ways to streamline your life and get rid of minor annoyances, the hub features vodcasts with best-selling author and comedian Tony Hawk's, scripted by award winning writer David Quantick (The Day Today, Brasseye, Grumpy Old Men), as well as editorial content and UGC.

A unique MPU-to-overlay (the first Flash ad hosted within a Flash site) acts as gateway between the hub and Volkswagen.co.uk.

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Watch the sample episode Consuming Passions