Schwarzkopf set out to create a network of 'studs' and 'she-pimps'...all in the name of hair colour.

Colouring hair can be an incredibly social experience - for many 16-34 year old women it's a chance to change how they feel, how they behave and boost confidence. With this in mind Facebook was the perfect partner to allow girls and guys to socialise and get their audience interacting with the brand's key message of feeling irresistible.

Using both social media and display advertising within Facebook, LIVE Color XXL girls are the hook to the Studbook, inviting users to download the application and start competing with each other to recruit their studs.

The Studbook gave users points for their efforts - measured partly by the number of guys they have gathered, and partly by how attentive their studs are.

Throughout the campaign, the links to the Live Academy site ( allowed the audience to continue their journey. The Live Academy gave them advice on how to handle their new found irresistibility away from Studbook and into their everyday life.