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The Guardian - People Profiler

Our People Profiler campaign is a national survey of working attitudes created for The Guardian. The campaign's objective - to build a rapport with UK workers so that when the time came to look for new employment, they would use Guardian Jobs.

An email campaign, online advertising and site link on Guardian Unlimited drove people to a bespoke microsite where they were able to take a personality test, which measured their attitude, personality and social role within the work place. Each test that was taken created a unique 'creature' that was compiled from the user's results of the 24 multiple choice questions. This creature was made up of 3 various components, such as 'mother hen', 'dreamer', 'stress lover', 'mercenary' or 'Mr big'.

With their results in their hand, users could then sign up for free features:

Taking a look at the People Profiler 'town'
In the 'town', users can put their profile into context. It's a virtual home for all the creatures that have been generated by people who take the test. By bringing the creatures together, this 'town' provides an insightful peek at the personality types on an industry-by-industry basis, and compares the kind of people who are found in various sectors.

The map:
Which region has the highest levels of 'stress lovers'? Where do the 'mother hens' congregate? The map shows users how their current sector and region measure up when it comes to things like job satisfaction and anxiety levels.

Users can get a breakdown of the personality types in their sector and others. League tables show which sectors score highest for attributes such as satisfaction and outgoingness.

Users can also download wallpaper, screensaver and a messenger display picture, all featuring their 'creature'.

Video Presentation