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Your personality: Stress Loving
You just love it when things get frantic... and doesn't everyone else know it? You buzz around the office at 100mph, with your quick-fire repartee and snappy decision-making. Which is great for getting things done - or at least giving that impression - but make sure you know where the line is. Don't lose that focus, but remember you've got a life outside work too.
Your office role: Mercenary
You're happy wherever you lay your hat - as long as you're advancing your own career prospects. It's a greasy pole and you're headed to the very top, even if it makes a mess of your suit. The unsung hero routine is definitely not in your repertoire.
Your job attitude: Mother Hen
The people you work with are like your babies. Little children to be protected like fluffy little chicks. No-one cares like you do about your team - and you can't bear to see them upset. Even if change is needed, you would resist it rather than see your brood dispersed.
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